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Welkom by Old Testament Essays, die amptelike joernaal van die OTWSA. Hierdie webtuiste dien as platform vir die instuur en portuurbeoordeling ("peer reviewing") van artikels. Sedert middel-2014 word dié prosesse volledig aanlyn bedryf. As u nog nie met hierdie stelsel gewerk het nie, laai gerus die gidse hieronder af; dit verduidelik die gebruik van die stelsel in eenvoudige terme. Let wel: weens tegniese beperkings is dié stelsel slegs in Engels beskikbaar.

LET WEL: U kan meer lees oor OTE se redaksionele beleid en riglyne op die "About"-bladsy.


Welcome to Old Testament Essays, the official journal of the OTSSA. This website serves as platform for the submission and peer reviewing of articles. Since mid-2014, these processes are fully handled online. If you are new to this system, please read our guidelines and download our guides below; they explain the use of the system in easy terms.

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Vol 31, No 3 (2018): OLD TESTAMENT ESSAYS

Table of Contents

Preliminary Page and Table of Content

Preliminary Pages and Table of Contents PDF


Editorial: Dedicated to Wilhelm (Willie) J. Wessels & Curriculum Vitae PDF PDF
Hulisani Ramantswana, Jaco Gericke, Alphonso Groenewald, Gerrie F. Snyman 463-475


Wee over Moab… Een exegese van Jeremia 48:1-10 PDF EPUB XML
Eric Peels 476-493
“De-Centering Lamentations: A Crisis of Hope, of Memory, and of Continued Presence PDF epub XML
Scott Ellington 494-505
The Chiastic Structure of Psalm 106 PDF epub XML
Lee Roy Martin 506-521
Decolonising Biblical Trauma Studies: The Metaphorical Name Shear-jashub in Isaiah 7:3ff Read Through a Postcolonial South African Perspective PDF EPUB XML
Liza Esterhuizen 522-533
Sight and Sounds of Death Valley: A Close Reading of Ezekiel 37.1-14 PDF EPUB XML
Amelia Rebecca Basdeo-Hill 534-552
Ezekiel, Prophet of the Spirit: רוח in the Book of Ezekiel PDF epub XML
Leonard P Mare 553-569
Loving the Neighbour and the Resident Alien in Leviticus 19 as Ethical Redefinition of Holiness PDF epub XML
Hendrik Ludolph Bosman 570-589
Isaiah’s Vision of Yahweh and Ethical Replication PDF epub XML
Jacqueline Nancye Grey 590-611
The Hidden Wounds of Structural Violence: Exploring an Intersectional Understanding of Violence in Jeremiah 4-6 PDF epub XML
Juliana Claassens 612-628
Trading Yahweh’s Word for a Price: Ethical Implications of the Collusion of Prophets and Priests in Micah 3:5–7, 11 PDF EPUB XML
Blessing Onoriode Boloje 629-649
To the Question of an Ethics of Bible Translation: Some Reflections in Relation to Septuagint Isaiah 6:1 and 19:25 PDF EPUB XML
Knut Holter 650-661
Inner-biblical Allusion in Habakkuk’s משא (Hab 1:1-2:20) and Utterances Concerning Babylon in Isaiah 13-23 (Isa 13:1-14:23; 21:1-10) PDF EPUB XML
Gert TM Prinsloo 662-690
The problem of the potsherd Job 2:8 in a new perspective PDF EPUB XML
Ellen van Wolde 691-702
Hearing Jeremiah's Confessions in the Light of the Metaphor of the ‘Silent’ Sheep: Reflections through the African Lore PDF EPUB XML
Madipoane Masenya (Ngwan'a Mphahlele) 703-716
What of the Night? Conceptions and Theology of Night in Isaiah and the Book of the Twelve PDF epub XML
Funlola Olojede 717-734
Allegorising song of song's most erotic parts: Judaism, Calvinism, Lutheranism. PDF epub XML
Eben Scheffler 735-756
The Outlaw David ben Jesse: Reading David as Geronimo in exile? PDF epub XML
Daniel L Smith-Christopher 757-777
Finding the Spirit of Elijah in the Story of Elisha and the Lost Axe Head: 2 Kings 6:1-7 in the Light of 2 Kings 2 PDF epub XML
Richard D Moore 778-787
A Trauma Perspective of the Redaction of the Poor at the end of Book I and Book II PDF epub XML
Alphonso Groenewald 788-809

Book Reviews

Book Reviews / Boek Resensies PDF EPUB XML
Jaco Gericke, Christoph Stenschke, Esias E. Meyer 810-821