Article processing charges

The OLD TESTAMENT SOCIETY OF SOUTH AFRICA is a Public Benefit Organisation in terms of article 30 of the Income Tax Act. Subsequently Old Testament Essays (New Series) operates on a non-profit business model where the publishing expenses are covered by the income the journal generates via (at the moment) subscription fees and article processing charges. This model allows the journal to pursue the open access route in the SciELO platform, but the journal also envisages a drop in subscription fees as the open access model takes root.  

The act of publishing articles is not free of charge. The open access model shifts the publishing costs more and more to other sources than the subscription fee structure. For this reason the journal may require from authors an article processing charge which is invoiced as a page fee, that is the cost per page the journal incurred in order to publish the article. 

The current page fee is set at R250 per page for 2018, and will be R270 per page for 2019.