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Copyright on published articles is retained by the author(s). The exclusive responsibility in respect of the acknowledgement of author's rights and/or copyright rests with the responsible author(s). The editors and reviewers of the Journal cannot accept responsibility for the infringement of authors' rights or copyright. The author grants the publisher unlimited rights to publish the work in any format and/or medium, whether for gain or any other purpose. The work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence.

Reprints and downloading

Old Testament Essays (New Series) publishes in an open-access as well as a print model. Authors can download their material from the SciELO website in terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Licence.

Institutional Repository

Since the articles are published under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY) and Authors retain copyright of their final articles, they are welcome to deposit the final published version in institutional repositories or personal archives with a clear bibliographical reference and DOI number.